Collection of tiles

By order of clients and according to the architectural requirements, the measurements and the character of the ambience as well as the intentions of architects, Sabine Wachs creates and manufactures unique customized solutions in the creative framework of the respective conception. She uses the possibilities of ancient manufactural techniques and painting methods and transforms them into a contemporary design context.
Therefor she has developed the basic collection “Submarin” as a system of unique tiles – the scope ranges from pure white relief surfaces to gorgeous paintings and tiles with three dimensional elements – the possibilities of combinations and compositions are unlimited.

Sabine Wachs often integrates luxurious, unique porcelain tiles or tile areas to set a course in larger conventional tiled areas or rooms. With this principle, unique porcelain tiles can be combined within ceramic tile systems in virtually any format and formation required.
Porcelain can be applied in many different ways in architecture and interiors. Advantages of porcelain in building construction, besides its constancy and durability, are its mutability and variability in formation and colour. It is perfect for areas in private homes or public rooms – such as in living spaces, inner courtyards, baths, surgeries or offices etc. and also recommendable for use outdoors and for public constructions, such as facades, foyers or public baths.